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ABOUT Evelyn H.M Kim

Evelyn Hyun Mi Kim is a Christian photographer and artist living in the Newmarket area from Toronto, Ontario. Graduating from the Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD University), she holds a BFA from the drawing and painting program. Kim is influenced by art history and makes these references in her photography work. She is inspired by fantasy and surrealist styles and finds the light and beauty in the human form through its connection with nature. She has a natural instinct when shooting a photograph, using her keen eye to capture the right framing of her subjects in the moment. She captures the delight and joy in people when she photographs them. Her style is characterized by utilizing these clean compositions in ways that suggest universal themes of youth and spirit. In the editing process Kim creates a surrealist tone through shifting background colours. The world moves and inspires her. She believes the power behind an image is found in the delicate whispers between light, space and emotion in constant reflection of each other.





  • April. 2012 Good Art Exhibition "The Hope Among Us" - Art Square Toronto, ON

  • Nov.  2012  Good Art Exhibition "Passion and Compassion" - Cedar Ridge Toronto, ON

  • Nov.  2013  5th Annual OCADU Exhibition "Experiencing Perspectives" Mercedes-Benz Financial Services - Toronto, ON

  • April. 2014  OCADU Alumni Association Exhibition - Gladstone Hotel Toronto, ON


  • Featured in the OCADU 2nd year text book, "Colour and two-dimensional Design", OCAD, Toronto, ON

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